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Java Development
Software Development based on Java with proficient Java Developers at hSenid Outsourcing has been there for delivering the great Java technology advancements to the clients from throughout the globe for over 16 Years. We have skillfully provided both Onsite & Offshore Java development services for the companies who need to outsource their Java Development.

Highly skilled Java Development team at hSenid Outsourcing, delivering complex and large applications is no challenging task as we have proved ourselves to our clients ample times over the period.

Our Java Developers’ hands on industry experience and the timely delivery of software product will give you the breathe-easy feeling from project specification to project support & maintenance.
Following are some of the Key Java areas we excell in:

    •    N-tier architecture
    •    Frameworks – Spring 5.2.5, Struts 2.5, Vaadin 14, Apache CXF 3.3
    •    Java Server Pages (JSP) 2.3, Servlets 4.0
    •    J2EE Design Patterns – Using MVC architecture design
    •   Hibernate 5.4 and HQL for faster database access and transaction management
    •    Java Persistance API (JPA) 2.2
    •    Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA) 1.1, Atomikos 5.0
    •    Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) 1.2.1
    •    Java Mail 1.6.4
    •    Calendar API used to create the Calendar module of the applications
    •    Jasper Reports used to create reporting engine of the applications