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Apple iOS Apps
hSenid Outsourcing offers end-to-end Apple iOS Appl Development services - from iOS App Concept Development to actual App Development and to App Marketing and Promotion. At hSenid Outsourcing, we approach iOS App Development in a systematic and organized way. We coordinate with clients right from the scratch. Our Concept Development procedure and feasibility studies involve research and analysis on the scope of the application, economic, technical, schedule and operational feasibility of the application, and the competitive advantage On completion of feasibility studies, we begin the actual app development process which follows a scheduled time frame and structured development.
iPhone Apps
hSenid Outsourcing builds business applications for your iPhone, that meets the exact paradigms of business. Be it an app which helps you to the nearest pub, check flight timings, transfer money or schedule a meeting – we develop any iPhone app that fits the needs of your busy business life. hSenid Outsourcing builds enterprise level iPhone applications that attends to the diverse needs of today's competitive enterprises.
iPad Apps
Business via iPad has come a long way. It is no more limited to organizing purposes or managing tasks via niche iPad apps. It is more than that. It has been improved more such that it allows you to access the data of your customers, accounting systems, corporate e-mail systems, your company sales details, and other critical information using iPad enterprise apps. With secure data transfer and access as the primary focus, we develop iPad apps that allow professionals to review sales details, access customer information, forecast business performance, review reports like purchase orders, job postings, expenditures etc. all through the iPad.