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hSenid Difference
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hSenid is ready to polish the unpolished gems, and to bring out the hidden shine and talent in our people. hSenid brings the best of Sri Lanka to the world.

At hSenid we believe that Achievers need to be goal oriented and positive minded. Most significantly they need to have perseverance and be disciplined. The ‘can do’ attitude is a vital factor in being an achiever and would lead anyone to heights beyond imagination.

We are proud about what we do and that is why it is significant that one has to be Accountable for one’s actions. As team members everyone should take ownership and accept responsibilities

Innovation should be deeply manifested in every thought and act of people in an organization.

Customer Focus
Satisfying our customers is of utmost importance to us. Our customers will be guided through each phase of development, from analysis; requirements, through to system customization, installation; integration, data entry and transformation, long term maintenance, support and product upgrades. We always listen to our customers and are constantly striving to integrate their ideas into our futuristic product design.

hSenid Way
hSenid lives within a culture that fosters people who embody certain characteristics. The Company culture possess attributes that symbolize uniqueness and provide its people with a philosophy that they live up to, so that it would eventually lead the organization and its people to excel from the rest.
The Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process is integrated to each phase of our development life cycle, to ensure that our products meet the customer requirements. Our specialized QA Team is focused on ensuring that all our products meet high quality standards.
International Standards
We arhere international standards and continuously benchmark ourselves with the industry standards and best practices. All our processes are ISO 9001:2000 Certified and we are also a CMMI Level 3 Certified company.
Customization and Flexibility
After examining your needs and requirements, we propose a solution that matches them, and offers you an opportunity to bring your business processes to a sophisticated level. Moreover, software applications designed and developed by us are platform independent thus can be implemented in any environment and we provide seamless integration with any information system and network. Our expertise in customization and flexibility in integration with prevailing systems and networks such as banking systems, stock brokering systems, Telco intelligence networks, and databases has been a key selection criterion amidst many of our customers.